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Max Craftmanship

We are a team of A+ Visionaries & Dreamers with professional skills in designing & programming, specialized in developing applications for Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, Mac, Watch & Tv. We craft Apps with great passion and Maximum Craftsmanship.

We love to work with other exciting technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence and home automations. We engineer a transparent human digital experiences.

  • Intuitive User Experience
  • Beautiful Interface Design
  • Research & Strategy
  • Emerging Technologies
  • innovative Engineering

Apps & Design

  • Design is the spirit and character that distinguish our work. it's our signature that make our applications stand out from the crowd. Steve Jobs once said “Design is not just about how it looks but how it works as well”, that well said words reflect the importance of design in our work and how much focus we put in the design process.

    Design is whats under the hood as well, it's how you design the system and how its sub systems works and interacts with each other to get the most possible performance, it's even the way we write code in a clean simple way.

  • We have passion to software engineering and developing, starting from the drafting and sketching stages of the UI | UX design till the final line of code. We use industry standard professional tools and technologies to deliver applications with transparent technology minimizing there administration requirements from end users as much as possible, so user can focus on how own business and tasks.

    For example Apple CloudKit, Amazon AWS services that we use in our applications will lift all the load and coast needed from businesses and end users to invest in database servers infrastructure.

  • We work together very close with our clients to create product strategy to help them build the right solution to fulfill there business goals and needs. With our elite professionals and our long years of technology experience we will design develop and deliver creative digital experience thats transparent and simple to use, and makes the most complicated tasks in any business more simple and agile.

    With our strategy studies we help adapt technology to business and business to technology and remove the boundaries between the two so they can work in harmony together to achieve business goals.

  • True we focus on software engineering, but we also want to guarantee that our software runs on best environment possible, so we offer some sort of focused vertical level of Enterprise Architect skills to insure that the technology infrastructure supporting the applications are agile and fully utilized.

    • Years of Experience
    • Standard Frameworks
    • Start to End