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Ammar Mitoori Ammar Mitoori
Ammar S. Mitoori

STARONE - Creative Studios

Hello Dear Ladies & Gentleman

Hello Dear Ladies & Gentleman First I would like to thank you for visiting our website, and reading about us, we really appreciate. Its all about people and life, if we succeed solving a problem or improving people’s life, or the way they work then we achieved our Goals & Dreams.

STARONE is a Software Development company with big dreams, as we believe that even a small team of talented proffesionals can make a difference, specially if they have passion for what they do, and if they have the right motivations and intentions that drive them to wake every day with dream to make a difference.

We are a group of Visionaries & Dreamers who works in the area where Art & Technology intersects, its a group of idealists that have no boundaries between imagination and reality, for us everything is possible & this is why our work and products stands out.

In our work don't necessarily follow the trends or traditions in designs or technology, we are free souls seeking beauty and perfection, we design, we craft, we simplify, we iterate, until we reach perfection, only then we sign our work .. "Crafted By STARONE"

Ammar S. Mitoori

Our Passion

Our passion is in designing and developing beautiful capable Applications that adopt most recent technologies such as Virtual and Augmented reality which can help simplifying the most complicated tasks. We are very meticulous when designing and building our solutions and always seeking perfection, this is why our Apps are Intuitive with transparent technologies and our clients love this.

Our Workflow

Our workflow is divided into four main phases that’s made of more granular steps and phases. The main four steps are Strategy, Design , Development and release.

Strategy phase contains research & define phases that will be the base for the design and development phases of the App.

Design & Development will be iterative to touch perfection before final release.